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Surf Wax Saver: Surf Wax & Accessories Storage

Surf Wax Saver: Surf Wax & Accessories Storage

The SurfWaxSaver is a 'surfers Swiss army knife' a must have essential for any surfer.


- Keeps your wax safe, secure & ready to use

- Reduces Wax Melting Due to Thermal Insulation Properties of the Silicone Construction

- Repels Dirt, Sand & Water

- Stores Easily Lost Surf Accessories Including:

Fin Key, Leash Plug Cords & Multiple Grub Screws

- User Friendly Wax Compartment Enables Easy Access to Wax, its like Popping your wax out like your 'Ice-cube tray'

- Lightweight & Compact Construction

- The carabiner allows to be hung from anything, wet bucket, backpack, rear vision mirror 



173mm Length

79mm Width

Compatible for Round Wax - Specifically Sex Wax, Any surf wax bits can fit too 

Due to extreme temperatures may result in melting BUT the silicone construction allows for easy extraction of wax, similar to popping an icecube tray. If Wax turns to liquid, put in cold water or cool area. 


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